Bambi Margarete Steiff

Margarete Steiff

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"It is a great distinction" states Arno Ortmair, "that the film "Margarete Steiff" whose success is largely due to Heike Makatsch for her superb acting, the direction of Xaver Schwarzenberger and the script by Susanne Beck and Thomas Eifler, was awarded with two BAMBI prizes."

The extremely elaborate project developed by Arno Ortmair for several years in co-production with Epo-Film, had to overcome multiple hurdles, before it could finally go into production.

"This film was a challenge to the producer in every way. On the one hand the special and ambitious topic demanded very meticulous script development in collaboration with the leading channel SWR. Furthermore it was essential to find an actress to cast in the role of “Margarete Steiff” who would inspire the audience and win their hearts, in spite of being confined to a wheelchair the entire time. On the other hand because the German participation of TV channels by SWR, BR and ARTE financed over 70% of the production costs, the remaining costs had to be covered by media funds and public financing through the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, the MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg, as well as foreign co-production partners, TV channels and public funding through MEDIA Plus, RTR, FFW, ORF and Rai Bozen."

Many locations, such as the Steiff Factory had to be restored to their original state of 1903 and countless teddy bears, stuffed animals and tools were found or reproduced true to the originals. The shoot took place in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Vienna.

"It is a great joy to us and all who contributed to the project, that over and above the high audience ratings we achieved, our project "Margarete Steiff" also garnered recognition and was awarded with a double BAMBI, the Bavarian Television Prize, the Herbert Quandt Media Prize and a nomination for the EMMY Award".