The Poet

The Poet

The Poet (2002)

Andrei Loisin is a well-paid contract killer and erstwhile high-ranking Russian officer who is called "THE POET" because of his remarkable knowledge. One day, while conducting an assassination, he is interrupted by a young photograph (Rick Stern) and Andrei shoots him. Ricks death changes Andreis life completely: in Ricks chattels he finds some fascinating pictures of a young dead woman. Andrei is confused. He wants to find out more about Rick.

When Andrei visits a post-mortem vernissage of the dead artist the presumed dead woman of Rick’s pictures suddenly stands next to him: Ricks sister Paula Stern (28) is an attractive young woman. Paula is fascinated by the mysterious and reticent Andrei because he unifies all she ever missed. She doesn't divine that Andrei is the killer of her brother. Between them rises a passionate relationship. It seems like Andrei is able to fill the gap Rick’s dead left behind in Paula’s life.

For the first time, Andrei is faced with the sorrow which one of his murder left behind. As his feelings for Paula increase, he loses parts of his unscrupulousness and begins to blunder. Realising that he can't live without Paula, he wants to abandon the organization and to begin a new life with Paula.

But he isn't able to hide his past from Paula. Their frequent encounters leave too many marks and increasingly attract the police’s and his clients’ attention. Andrei is  threatened by his clients: If he quits the job, Paula’s life would be in danger. The network of Andrei’s pursuers becomes constantly denser: but he can't escape because he has to protect Paula.

But some day, Paula will find out the truth about Andrei. When he realises that there is no future for them, he takes destiny into his own hands...

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