Synopsis Tabu

Taboo - The Soul Is A Stranger On Earth

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The unresolved  tension between a sense of guilt and euphoric gratification unfold in Georg’s early works. When he goes to Vienna and learns to be a Pharmacist in order to make ends meet, his headstrong sister, at only 17 already a highly gifted pianist, forces him to allow her to follow him there.  She wants to attend the music academy, but above all else, she wants to be with him - totally and completely, against all rules, without compromise. She sweeps aside all second thoughts and feelings of guilt aside and inspires him to write his first fully formed poems. Georg and Margaret experience months of untroubled happiness. But the harsh reality of it all soon takes its toll - Georg can’t bear the social pressures of this forbidden love and looses himself in a haze of drugs. Grete neglects her music studies in order desperately fight for a place by his side. When their mother makes Georg Margaret’s legal guardian, he forces her to marry a man 30 years her senior - for Grete it is the ultimate betrayal. In reaction, she seduces her brother and begets a child from him.  Georg’s nightmare has become a reality, his guilt now visible to all.